We provide full service installation, repair and maintenance of computer systems, for both your home and or business, in Kentucky.

     We build custom computers designed to fit your needs.

  •      For your convenience, we will come to your location to minimize your down time to:

         •  Perform diagnostics on PCs and peripheral equipment to troubleshoot problems.
         •  Install/upgrade PC components such as motherboards, memory chips, network cards.
         •  Install/upgrade disk drives, modems, and CD-ROM drives.
         •  Configure PC memory and network drives.
         •  Coordinate cabling/wiring projects.
         •  Provide customized hardware and software solutions to fit customer's requirements on a network.
         •  Install, troubleshoot and modify DSL, ADSL, CABLE MODEM, HUBs
         •  Install, troubleshoot and modify SWITCHES and ROUTERs on a network or on a stand alone  computer.
         •  Install and modify point to point wireless network.
         •  Maintain a high level of security on the network with Firewall hardware or software.
         •  Maintain and repair operation systems such as : Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019.           .
        •  Install and support QuickBooks, Quicken,
    Norton Anti virus,  etc.

         New Age Computer Services, Inc. has the technical expertise required to install and configure a wide range of software systems. We successfully install and configure specialized and consumer sold software within large organizations and small businesses.

     We pride ourselves on exceptional service and value!   

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